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Research and ideas for your newsletter content;

Creation of tailor-made content for your unique audience;

Format, edit and schedule of weekly, monthly or seasonal newsletters;

Planning of content in advance.

Blogs | Articles

Research and ideas of articles appropriate to your business offering and your audience's interests;

Creation of well-written content including appropriate keywords to boost your website’s SEO;

Management of the blog section on your website (including formatting, images and tags);

Planning of content in advance.

Social Media Content Management: Facebook | Instagram.

Research and ideas for social media content;

Creation of tailor-made content appropriate to your unique customer and suitable for the chosen social media platform;

Scheduling and posting content on social media;

Planning of content in advance;

Facebook/Instagram business account set up or update (to make sure everything is set up properly).

Copy-Writing | Text Editing

Creation of text for your website;

Editing of text to read grammatically correct and reflect the desired mood. 

Well Written Content + Created by a Marketer + with Creative Thinking

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