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What is Inbound Marketing?

I often get asked about this from clients, as this is what I practise while creating content for their blogs, newsletters and social media. So below I wanted to explain what Indound Marketing actually means.

Inbound Marketing: 

Outbound vs Traditional Marketing

Well, let’s start with the Outbound or Traditional Marketing, which is anything from TV and radio ads to cold calling. Basically wherever marketers push information out and wide hoping it’ll reach the right audience.

Those ways are no longer working for a number of reasons, but most important – people are sick of being sold to and find ways of avoiding receiving marketing information (blocking caller IDs, recording movies and then fast-forwarding through ads, making emails ‘junk’ to direct them into this unwanted folder).

Another reason is the fast-growing world wide web where people can easily search for information and find what they want. So when I create a blog with information relevant to a target market, there is a big chance that the website will be found by a qualified customer, who is interested in the product or service this website offers….obviously with the help of the mighty Google!

Be found by customers!

So Inbound Marketing is where I help businesses to be found online by customers looking for something in the industry those businesses operate in. You’ve got to remember though that putting together a blog and raving about your products/services wouldn’t be clever, as again – you’ll be trying to push your marketing message out there in everyone’s faces. Blogs are structured in a smart way of offering useful information around the industry your business operates in and getting found by different queries customers may have, not your product. Some customers will have never heard of your company but will find your website after frantically searching for a solution to their problem.

I love creating content with HubSpot’s practises in mind, as they represent a healthy new way of marketing!

Get in touch if you need help with newsletters, blogs and social media. I’m here to help.

Tonya x