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Unsuccessful Digitals Marketing Trends in 2018


The world of digital marketing is complicated but interesting at the same time. Tricks and methods which worked last week may not work tomorrow. Marketers and business owners need to constantly keep up with changes and new advertising ways. Sometimes trends also have a very short lifespan. With the help of Hubspot’s experts, I wanted to share unsuccessful digital marketing trends which will no longer work in 2018. 

Unsuccessful Digital Marketing Trends:

Bulk and Poorly Targeted Email Campaigns 

The times of sending a bulk email to a wider audience with no real plan in mind started expiring some time ago, but this year it will be truly RIP. People aren’t interested in reading inappropriate to them emails sent in bulk. Have a plan for your email marketing. Know your audience, so you personalise the content just for them.

Long E-Books 

More people are now using mobiles, so huge PDFs which you need to sit down and take time to read isn’t something people enjoy anymore. Think new digital age era! Create and share content with your audience via such interactive way as quizzes, fun landing pages, surveys, games or videos.

Quantity Blogs Over Quality 

When people search answers to their questions, they don’t want to go through numerous paragraphs and even pages. Focus on one topic for each blog, make it informative, but keep it to the point and relating to the topic you’re writing about. If you need to discuss something else, create a new blog.

Overuse of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation should rarely be used for outside of your company’s operations. Surprised? Yes, ideally you should use it within your business, not outside.

Organic Reach of Facebook Posts

Did you know that only around 2 to 6 percent of your Facebook followers see your posts? Organic reach is certainly dying out and it is suggested to boost posts and Facebook advertising instead to reach your audience.

Text SEO Strategy Only

There is so much image and video content that is shared amongst millions of people on a daily basis, so you should make sure you optimise your image and video content as well.