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The Power of Storytelling

Everyone enjoys a well written and interesting story because we are simply programmed to. From the early age our parents read us stories, which fascinated us and provided a burst of emotions. Stories certainly affect our brains and can change the way we live. If you create the right story which will resonate with your audience, you can actually improve their lives and do the same for your business.

I wanted to share the power behind a great story and tips of crafting a great one which will engage your customers and motivate them to buy from you. 

Affecting Customers’ Way of Thinking

A great story can influence your customer to feel, engage, get excited and amongst others to act. When we listen to an impactful story, our brain can cause thoughts and opinions which align with the story’s ideas. By telling a well planned and written story you can plant an idea into your readers’ brains. Clever, right?


Making your customers main characters in your story is a powerful way of ensuring they relate to what you’re telling. They will be more likely to be interested in your product and want to experience the happy ending you provide.

Tips On Creating A Good Story

  • Your Customers

Your story has a lot to do with the audience you’re telling it to. So don’t create something that will not resonate with them. Bottom line – you need to know your target market inside out! You should deeply understand who your potential customer is, what their pain and challenges are and what excites them. Interviews, order research and simply talking to current customers at every opportunity can provide you with this knowledge. Craft a story that will make them empathize.

  • Creating The Content

Once you understand your customers, the challenging part is to create that amazing story. You will need to create a story that appeals to your customers, however something that is also aligned with the business. Balancing act! Here is the idea you may want to use: your product or service story which improved the world or your customers’ life. Create a problem that your customers have –> Craft a story about your product/service solving it –> Improved world/customers’ lives as a happy ending. 

Make sure to include personalized details for readers to make a connection. It resonates with them better. 

Finally, get the story out there by publishing it on your companies channels and sharing it where your audience hangs out. Again – this brings us back to where you need to know your audience inside out – so do know where they spend their time.

Tonya x