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How to Stay Motivated to Write Blogs All Year

If you run a business well, you most likely write blogs for it. Writing comes easily to some and some struggle with it. I can totally relate to the struggling part when the inspiration is just not there. But like it or not – inspiration does come from within and if it’s not available at a certain time, you can always motivate yourself to write.

Use below steps to keep motivated to blog all year  

Get Excited About Why You’re Writing 

There is always a reason why you’re writing and remembering that can motivate you. Don’t consider it as a chore. Think about it – are you educating people and changing their lives in however small or big way? Are you delivering an important message and helping people? Or are you simply wanting to focus attention on a certain area of your business and bring more revenue? Whatever you’re writing for – remember and get excited about it! 

Make it a Habit

Having a structure in your life will help you achieve and move forward. Having a blogging plan for dates, topics and ideas will keep you in check and help with procrastination. Have a monthly brainstorming session to decide on topics and ideas and then lock in dates to make sure they happen. Once it’s a habit, it’s easier to write regularly and doesn’t feel like a chore. 

Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

Think of things that spark your creativity. Is it writing in your favourite cafe on the beach overlooking the sea? Is it writing first thing in the morning because that’s when you have the best thoughts? Whatever works for your creative juices to flow… 

No Pressure 

Stop worrying about the originality of your writing or whether you’re writing on the right topic. Just write. Often the simplest of the topics generate the most attention. Just make sure to write FOR your audience and don’t worry about anything else.