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2017 Social Media Trends

Social media is consuming our lives more each day with everyone from young teenagers to older people now using it. And ofcourse businesses love social platforms to reach their audience and advertise. But what is trending at the moment? What works on social media and what doesn’t? With the help of HubSpot I put together below…

Social media trends to consider in 2017 when running a business:

Live Video  

Live video content is huge and will become even bigger.  The most popular live streaming platforms are Facebook and Periscope with Instagram and Twitter launching their live video options at the end of last year to keep up with the competition and demand. For businesses using live streaming offers an opportunity to engage their customers and make them feel included in an event or discussion sessions without actually physically being there. Clever!

Messaging Apps

Being able to hear from your customers via a messaging app takes customer service concept to a new level. It isn’t just beneficial, as you’re talking to your customers directly, but also adds a huge advantage over competitors who aren’t quite up with the play yet… For example, Facebook actually gives businesses percentage rank based on how quickly they respond to messages, so make sure to keep the response rate to the very best you can, so customers feel comfortable getting in touch with your business via this platform.

Social Media E-Commerce

Many of us browse both social media and websites for online goods we are interested. So with the addition of a shopping option via social channels, it’s needless to say it took off! People love the easy and quick check out process and if it means they do that right from social media – bonus to both customer and business. Make sure to utilise this option and list your products. If you’re a wholesale business, it still pays off to list your products and then link them to the page with information about resellers and where people can buy products.

Interesting Content

With so much information out there, companies have to come up with not just engaging content, but also very relevant to their audiences. Every business should put a huge importance on the communication they produce for their target market, as it will either earn them trust and new customers or push current followers away. Recently we’ve also seen companies do things like offer ‘how to’ videos, share behind-the-scenes snapshots of their business operation, share exclusive or simply delicious recipes, hold interviews or live chat sessions and live events and some also produce a series of daily or weekly information or videos appropriate to their target audience.

Whatever you do with your business, remember that beautiful content will create value both for you and your customers!

Tonya x