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Email Marketing Dos and Don’ts

Email is still a great tool to reach your audience, however, it is becoming harder to do well at it. With so much out there, there are now good marketers and those who aren’t knowledgeable. You are now required to compete for your current or potential clients’ attention. So make sure to read tips and experiment, test and get creative with what you deliver to your audience.

Here are some useful tips for improving your email marketing in 2018:

Send emails to people who actually want to hear from you

Respect your reader and make sure that you’re sending emails to people who like reading them and are interested. Stop sending emails to lists with low engagement rates.

If your emails stop being opened by recipients, figure out what’s wrong… and fast! You may not be meeting your audience’s expectation with the content you provide. Rethink your strategy and design different emails to test and if that doesn’t work – see above – stop sending emails to them.

Have a clear goal for each email

Have a strategy around each communication you send. You need to be clear about what action you’d like your readers to take – whether it’s a programme to sign up for, a form to be filled out or a promotion to view, make sure to be clear with links and buttons leading people to the desired action.

Be personal

Personalising your email with the first name is actually a good idea. As per HubSpot’s history of sending emails, it produces much better click-through-rate. Make sure to test your email and how it comes in, as you wouldn’t want to have ‘dear customer’ or ‘dear first name’ on there by accident!

Another tip is to send your emails from a personalised email address instead of info@… or noreply@…

Unsubscribes happen

Unfortunately, people unsubscribe and that’s inevitable. Hopefully, your unsubscribing rate is low, so you don’t need to worry about it.. yet! Those people just told you that they aren’t interested in a nice way instead of pressing the ‘spam’ button!

Be creative with your subject lines

Don’t create clickbait subject lines, as people will simply leave the email, your click-through-rate will suffer and you may lose the reader. Experiment with subject lines and even emojis.

Send emails on various days

Most business emails are sent on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Relieve the load of your reader and don’t be afraid to experiment sending emails on other days! Emails with call-to-action actually perform well on the weekends.

Tonya x