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Effective Copywriting Tips

Content is so important these days. Copy is writing that should compel your reader, so you should really get it right when composing content for your website, social media or advertising material.

It needs to connect with your audience causing them emotions which will drive action. Provide them with comfortable and personalised reading, but also something that appeals to a wider audience. Tricky? But totally doable!

Below I wanted to share tips for creating compelling copy and I think you should take those into consideration when you create your content!

Effective Copywriting Tips:

Below are the tips for composing compelling copy and I think you should take those into consideration when you create your content!

Show Emotion

Lots of purchases people make aren’t logical. Most of them are backed by emotions. Have you ever purchased because you were having an amazing day, the seller was great, the promotion really resonated with you or a friend helped you direct to the right decision when you really needed it? Like it or not, but buying is actually an emotional process! So your copy should bring emotion to cause the desired action. Great copywriters often play on memories that affect and resonate with us.

Get to the Point

Nowadays with so much content out there, people have short attention spans. If something doesn’t grab our attention straight away, we tune out and move on. So creating a copy which will get to the point quickly is what you want to do. Great copywrites use one word instead of two or three.

Be Clear

Confusion will always kill engagement. It’s just the way it is… Clear writing will keep your audience reading because it’ll help them visualise sentences and be engaged. So your copy should be easily understood and a reader shouldn’t need to reread any sentences. Use simple words, be specific and write using an active voice.

Be Honest

Copy is valuable when it includes real promises and claims… And on the other hand, dishonesty always exposes itself, in the end, so don’t bother and focus on writing something authentic. Tell the truth, even if it’s ugly!

Choose Your Style

Your copy shouldn’t sound rigid, but the opposite – it should roll off the tongue! Choose your style, but make sure it’s easy and fun which can engage readers for a long time. Create a rhythm which will take your readers on a journey and provide with excitement while on it!

Tonya x