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Effective Ways of Using Your Brand Voice to Gain Loyal Customers

Did you know that today the world is led by consumer-driven marketing? This means that businesses strive to communicate with their audience the ways their audience prefer. So it is vital to use your brand voice effectively to gain customers.

There are so many social media channels which offer easy communication directly with customers. What happens, in this case, is that consumers help businesses create and improve products and services not to mention market them amongst other customers. So you have to agree that the brand voice you communicate with them is vital. It can either push customers away or make them into loyal customers who will then do your marketing for you.

These days, it is essential for any company to have advocates promoting and buzzing about their products or services. So I wanted to share a few points on…

How you can use your brand voice to develop long-lasting relationships with customers:

Be Real

People don’t want companies treating them like dollar signs, so offering authentic communication to them will go down much better than a forced advertising tone of voice. Interact with your customers like a human being – like it’s your valued friend which you care about.

Have a Strong Social Media Voice

Remember that a tone of voice matters. It allows you add a human factor to any conversation, so make sure to interact with your followers, reply to their comments and feedback will result in happy customers raving about your customer service.

Understand Who Your Customer Is

Understanding who your “Buying Persona” (aka your ideal customer) is crucial. It’ll help you paint a picture of your audience and understand various customer groups you may have. Conducting interviews and analysing past orders and interaction with your audience will help you gain this information.  It might sound like a lot of work, but that’s actually very important. When you truly know your ideal buyer, you will then create the content that they’ll respond to positively.

Deliver Relevant Content

It’s all good to create a well-written content, but you must make sure it actually resonates with your audience! Irrelevant but beautifully written content is a waste of time for everyone. So make sure you know what your customers want to know before producing content for them. Again, know your “buying persona” very well.

Help Your Customers

Be helpful, honest and open in your communication with consumers. Invest in creating useful replies or information on social media, instead of including links everywhere and flagging them off. Doing so will help you build strong relationships which will carry your business forward.

Have Fun with It

Engage with your audience in a fun way throwing some interesting and funky content every now and then. Keep them on their toes and guessing what they might see next. Humor helps the world go round, so make sure it’s in your brand personality!

Tonya x