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Why You Should Blog and Tips on Successful Blogging

You may have noticed a trend with lots of businesses blogging these days? You also may be wondering whether it’s something you should start doing… Well, there are a number of reasons why blogging is valuable for brands and why you should definitively consider doing it for your business.

Google is our daily life!

Most companies have online hubs where they represent their brand and what they offer. It’s a fact that searching online for products and services has become our daily life. On average Google processes over 40,000 searches every second, which is over 3.5 billion searches every day. How crazy is that!? Check this site for information on Google searches and numbers around that if you don’t believe me!

If you have a well-built website and run an active business, you’re most likely wanting to attract more clients via your online hub? This is one of the reasons for blogging – the ever so important SEO! Writing articles on various subjects around the industry you operate in is vital for boosting your website’s SEO. What blogging also does is gives credibility to your business, makes you look like the expert that you are and pulls people to your website. Below I would like to share blogging tips I base my work on.

Tips for successful blogging:

Write articles about your industry NOT your products or services

I know it’s hard to avoid mentioning that sale or that amazing product you’ve been trying to sell but make sure to include helpful and interesting information (other than promoting what you sell) that your target market will want to read. Noone wants to be sold to!

Write short to medium articles that are formatted for easier reading

With so much information plastered all over the internet these days, it’s become harder to get people’s attention or keep them interested on one page for too long. So make sure to grab their eyes with a great title/tagline, well written and short article which is easy to read.

Think like your customers

What would you search online for if you were your ideal customer? Write articles including answers to questions they might ask. Offer solutions to their problems!

Include keywords that your customers can find your website by

Write articles including important phrases or keywords your target market can find you by. Make sure to optimize your blog with tags and photos with appropriate titles. Give your website even better chance of having that great SEO you need.

Write like the expert that you are

Offer helpful and interesting information that will reaffirm to your customers that you are an expert in your industry or field and start building a relationship where people can trust they are in great hands.

Tonya x