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Selling Methods Your Should Practice in 2018

If you run your own business and would like to do it well, chances are you keep up with what selling methods work best to attract your next customers. With HubSpot Academy’s help, I wanted to put together some of the best selling methods you should implement in 2018.

#1 Selling Method: Video

Video isn’t just the most popular content shared around and loved…. It’s now a tool to connect with your customers and get a personalised message across. If you’ve got someone you’d like to impress and get onboard, record a video message and send it their way!

#2 Selling Method: Messengers

They have become an invaluable tool to connect with your customers, make them love your brand and finally purchase from you. Keep using them, invest time and energy in your replies and you will see great benefits from it.

#3 Selling Method: Sales Un-Automation 

Most businesses like using automated sales processes, however, it isn’t something that should be practised all the time. Customers recognise it and understand what it’s there for. With so much automation, a human touch is what everyone appreciates these days, so invest time and energy into talking to your customers directly and spend time personalising your message to them.

#4 Selling Method: B2C Sales Concept

Treating anyone you deal with as a valued customer is the key. There is a number of companies who treat their B2B customers as their B2C customers and have a huge success with it. At the end of the day, it’s that human touch and treating ANY customers you have as your direct users is what will get you ahead.

So now I hope you’re seeing the pattern in the above suggestions – HUMAN TOUCH! Make sure you run your business right – remember that your customers are human and they need to be treated like one.