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Hello, I'm Tonya

For most of my life, I've worked in sales and marketing roles for large companies.

After finding a gap in the market and launching my business Creative Sand in 2013, I fell in love with the marketing part of running a business and especially creative ways of promoting a brand to its audience. Like any small business owner, I faced challenges and wins, but most of all, I learnt a whole lot about running and growing a product-based business. 

In 2016 my passion for marketing led me to enrol to study Business (majoring in Marketing) at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand. Gaining the knowledge certainly helped me with marketing tasks for my own business, but it made me fall in love with creative content marketing as well.

While studying I also worked in marketing roles for companies in the luxury tourism industry and medical industry which was fun, but I craved something different ... that's when Rose and Alice Creative was born. 

Creating fun and engaging, but also meaningful and planned content is what tickles my fancy. My imagination is limitless (I guess it's to do with my creative female brain...), so I love applying it to various businesses I work with. I can safely say that I live and breathe marketing.

I follow HubSpot's Inbound Marketing theories when I create content. These focus on enticing potential customers to a business’s website using engaging, meaningful and useful content tailored just for them (via newsletters, blogs and social media). This also helps improve your ever-important SEO.

I draw a lot of inspiration from travelling – it broadens my horizons and gets me thinking outside of the box.  

Get in touch and hopefully, we are a good match to work together.



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